Cardiac diseases (Rhidroga)Heart Disease'(Hrudroga) is a global phenomenon. It is now becoming a major health problem even in the developing countries.
The predisposing factors are heredity, high blood pressure, diabetes, high serum cholesterol and smoking. The way of living and the way of feeling appear to be quite an important factor in its increasing incidence.
The All India Institute of Medical Sciences recently held a conference where doctors from around the world discussed the efficacy of Ayurvedic drugs in relation to a ‘heart-diseases. The medical fraternity agreed that India’s ancient stream of medicine has some miracle cures for cardio-vascular diseases.
Cardiovascular problems have been dealt with at length in Ayurveda, which describes ‘Hridaya’ (heart) as a body organ governing emotions and circulating blood to keep a person alive and healthy.
What Ayurveda can offer –
Ayurved is very much concerned about conservation of health. Ayurved presumes that improper dietary habits give rise to various disorders. With practice of dietary measures recommended in Ayurveda while elaborating ‘Medoroga Chikitsa’ will definitely beneficial in weight reduction. It will be helpful to minimize the risk of fatty cholesterol deposits and will prevent complication of high blood pressure.