• The Indian Himalayan region is one of the major repository of biodiversity the rich diversity of Indian Himalayan region has been in use since Vedic period . Since ages herbs and herbal products are being used as medicines which make relationship between man and plants inseparable. To treat the patients ethically with ayurvedic treatment to open online clinic and consultation centers to cater more healthcare needs in different regions to eradicate the diseases by creating awareness and educating the community about health through specific activities like workshops, seminars and medical camps ,flyers and media and blogs aim at providing medical services to the poor .needy and underprivileged

    North Indians get cure by his knowledge and ancient ayurvedic therapy . Vaidya manish aggarwal (vaidyamani)clientele includes common to rich man from Punjab delhi Haryana u.p Canada dubai England usa and many more regions .

    My approach to health is holistic true with ayurvedic medicine system says vaidyamani who runs his clinic in jalandhar cantt His treatment techniques are ayurvedic medicines richest in heritage and wisdom of health I started working on my techniques after graduation in ayurvedic medicine and inheritance of traditional ayurvedic knowledge to my patients by preparing the medicines thyself or under close supervision by analyzing the pathogenesis as per ayurvedic text books (samprapti vightenen chikitsa)

    He hand holds his ciients and takes the role of a friend philosopher and confidante ,which is what he did with all of his patients suffering from chronic diseases .diabetes heart diseases rheumatoid arthritis infertility leucoderma anxiety ,cancer cur ed Born in jal vaidyamani studied medicine in Amritsar city of Punjab is planning to set up his clinic in Europe too. For those who cannot afford vaidyamani is writing a book on health tips and treatment extracted from his experience and knowledge.