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It is very easy to ask your Query Simply click on "Ask Doctor" and Create an account You can ask any query strictly Between you and your Doctor . You can get access from your home, office or anywhere. Quickly upload your reports and get a consultation summary. All data will be saved for future consultation. Simply enter your name, age, gender and select the specialty along with a doctor. Every doctor has a set of available time slots they answer you accordingly but it will be Quick. Please revisit and View the Advice
About Us

About Us

Corporate Services:
Amveda India is an ayurvedic pharmaceutical and herbal company which manufactures and get manufactured, outsorce and sell ayurvedic (classical/ethical/traditional and Proprietary), herbal, cosmetic, personal care, lifecare, speciality products and nutitional supplements amveda india is a recognized and expanding company headed by Dr. Manish Aggarwal Ayurvedacharya the most talented, professional ayurvedic eminent scholar having vast knowledge in texts and practical experience with revolutionary and contriving Ideas with multidirectional approach, futuristic strategy with a fundamental philosphy of serving the ailing humanity
We offer you a highly professional and fully transparent service. We want you to feel as safe and secure with us as you would in a face-to-face situation.
All our medications are sent out by a herbal pharmacy or can be precured from local herbal store and we guarantee that all our medications are genuine.
Of course, we cannot offer a prescription to patients if we feel it is inappropriate for their health or unsuitable for their condition. Nor can every condition can be diagnosed online and it may be that we recommend that you have a face to face consultation with a doctor. If you don’t know who to go to, or are unsure about anything then we will do everything to help you.

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Our qualified Ayurvdic practitioners are available 24/7 to help you with advice and quick consultations. It's simple - just enter your name, email ID and select any specialist available online.
Welcome to Amveda

Welcome to Amveda

At The Amveda Online Clinic we aim to give you professional, convenient and highly affordable online health care. Making an appointment with a GP for a non-urgent consultation can sometimes mean waiting days, in some practices even weeks. There may be no available appointment or, if there is, it may be at an inconvenient time or you may be too busy to attend. Even if you are able to see a GP within a reasonable timeframe, there are certain medical conditions, which many people find embarrassing to talk about face to face with their doctor, conditions that do not need a physical examination, and which could just as easily be dealt with in an online consultation. That is where we come in. The Online Clinic is a private doctor service that offers you all the reassurance, expertise and convenience of a Harley Street practice at a highly affordable price. We are one of the few online health providers that is fully licenced by the Care Quality Commission. This means that you can rest assured that you will get only the best advice and care from us. Your wellbeing has, and will always remain, our primary concern. We have been offering this service for over ten years and remain one of the most highly regarded and rated online health care providers.


Welcome to Amveda

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